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2 months ago

Rain or shine, it's training time!

With our regular training location closed due to summer vacation we seek out the great outdoors to get our training going.

#denhelder #quelderduyn #bohurt ... See more

2 months ago

Wow. This is looking as a very awesome line up for our poule at Kening Striid! #whowillrule #buhurt #keningstriid #fryslan #imaginarium

3 months ago
Foto's uit het bericht van Ascia - Full Contact Medieval Combat

Captains report 3. Thüringer Meisterschaft.

What a cool experience.
The lovely town of Tambach-Dietzhard has a special cozy vibe. (Gezellig 😉 ) and the medieval event within the towns park was ... See more

3 months ago

Captain's Report. Dokk'em Open Air.

For those about to Rock! We salute you 🤘

While enjoying some wicked tunes, we fought under the hot sun. The fights were of a high level and we learned a ... See more